Saga's Void

Enjoy ur stay!

hello!!! i'm saga (feel free to call me sprout, kirby, sock, jooch/ie or whatever u feel like)

heres my main twt:).

i go by they/them pronouns

17, august 14


white, swe/eng (im learning more languages!)

leo sun, gemini moon and cancer venus:) if u want to know more or discuss msg me!

chaotic good? enfp, melancholy

this is what i look like

i like studio ghibli, nicknames, film photography, drawing, fortune cookies, chapstick, kung fu panda, yellow, pink, green, pokémon, marvel, old music, lizards, rings, mamma mia & my friends!

dfi if/notes

  1. put rt bait/rupauls drag race on my tl & i will sb
  2. softblock if u wanna end the mutual!! i rarely check my following, dont make me look like a fool
  3. please avoid putting nails & squids on the tl, i have a phobia of both
  4. pls intract wit me .. i luv talking
  5. i tend to go offline for days and weeks at a time without any notice, its just me recharging! nothing personal
  6. i will not follow back if...

    1. ur younger than like .. 16
    2. ur ableist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc
    3. Some random form

      Note: It looks the part, but won't do a damned thing.